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Hi, I'm Mo

I'm a professional speaker, marketing storytelling expert, the author of presentIMPACT: the Speaker's Guide, and specialize in marketing storytelling for nonprofit organizations. I Host the Toronto Story Archive podcast (currently on hiatus) and now the Let's Talk Show. 

My speaking career began at Ryerson University, in the Ted Rogers School of Management, when I joined Jeux Du Commerce Central (JDCC) Ryerson's competitive debate team. I competed in JDCC Debate for three years, leading the team to podium all three of those years and personally gaining accolades as one of the competition's top speakers. Locally, within Ryerson, I competed in and won Ryerson Toastmaster's annual speaking competition, being then ranked as the top speaker at the university. This early success led me to found the Ryerson Speech and Debate Association (now, the Ryerson Debate Association) and build the PictureWords Presentation Training Program, which taught over 100 post-secondary school students in its inaugural year. 

Since then, I have made speaking my mission. I've spent tens of thousands of hours training business professionals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, campaign advocates, politicians, motivational speakers, and medical practitioners in the art of professional speaking and communication; working with brands such as United Way, RE/MAX, and Youth Employment Services in Toronto as well international brands such as the Centre of Advanced Medicine in South Africa. 

Through this process, I've had a front row seat to the evolution of "public speaking" from a formal piece of our communication wardrobe, stepped into when we're preparing to take the stage, to an extension of our conversational style, our everyday communication. In today's environment, public speaking has become simply talking with style, and that's a good thing. It means that today's speakers need to be master conversationalists, creating accessible discourse with their audience rather than talking, lecturing, or preaching at them. 

With the Let’s Talk Show, my hope is to provide you, the listener, with quick and easy tips to help improve not just your formal public speaking, but also your personal and professional communication. Through our interview series, we chat with professionals in unique, communications-related fields in order to bring to light success strategies in niche sectors of communication often ignored by conventional public speaking training, but that make up a big part of our everyday communication landscape. 

Thanks for tuning in!