Social Good in South Africa (Part 5): A Beautiful Country

Over the last 2-weeks in South Africa we've interviewed four impressive fundraising and philanthropy professionals working tirelessly to promote social good in South Africa. Closing off our Social Good in South Africa series, we look at insights gained, where we go from here, and what this means for international nonprofits looking to work within African countries.

Social Good in South Africa (Part 4) ft. Dr. Shouket Waja, Waja Ka Meno Trust

In the fourth instalment in our Social Good in South Africa series, we sit down with Dr. Shouket Waja, General Dental Surgeon, the Founder of the Doctor Waja Group of Dental Surgeries, and the Founder of the Waja Ka Meno Trust, to talk nonprofit entrepreneurship in South Africa, the continuing impact of apartheid on poverty and accessibility, and what makes a good leader in the nonprofit space.

Social Good in South Africa (Part 3) ft. Dr. Yusuf Bamjee, Infaq Educational and Charitable Trust

In the third instalment in our Social Good in South Africa series, we sit down with Dr. Yusuf Bamjee, maxillofacial surgeon, Founder and Director of the Fordsburg Clinic in Johannesburg, and the Founder of the Infaq Educational and Charitable Trust, to talk poverty in South Africa, access to quality education and medical care for youth, and how international nonprofits can work more effectively with local organizations across the African continent.

Social Good in South Africa (Part 2) ft. Colin Habberton, The Relativ Group

In the second instalment in our Social Good in South Africa series, we sit down with Colin Habberton, Co-Founder of The Relativ Group, to talk the landscape of fundraising in South Africa, building better relationships between nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and the evolution of fundraising storytelling in and about Africa domestically and internationally. 

Why Do You 'Speak'? ft. Grand Slam 2018 Competitors

In the lead up to the 2018 Speaker Slam Grand Slam Championship, we are joined by Ven Virah, Jessica Opoku, Sam Demma, Merav Richter, Jhanelle Edwards, Imran Mouna, Ian Keeling, Darius Bashar, Armin Shafee, and Sandra Elia to talk their journey to the stage, what it's like getting on stage, and what speaking means to them. 

Welcome to The Let's Talk Show (with Mo Waja)!

Our range of topics is expanding, and the brand is expanding with it. Tune in to the Let's Talk Show for weekly(ish) interviews with, stories about, and tips from professionals doing cool things at home in Canada and abroad. Welcome to the Let's Talk Show with your Host, Mo Waja. 

Let's Talk Politics ft. Mayor Al McDonald

In this episode we are joined by Mayor Al McDonald, currently serving his second term as Mayor of the City of North Bay, to talk how social media, politics in the United States, and a shift in political candidates in Canada are changing communication in politics.